How can I mint?

You can get a random mint from our Mint page

Alternative method: Go to the Minting Contract in Etherscan. Connect your wallet. In the Write contract section input a available TOKEN id (a number between 0-9900) and a ETH amount of 0.075 ETH. Then complete the transaction. If you have any problem, contact us on Discord.

My gas price is really high, what i do?

When the gas price is super high is because the item you are trying to mint is already claimed by other user. Go to the available list page and look for another token id

How can I see my castles?

Go to the Gallery page and connect your wallet. Images take a while to load

If you have any other problem or question, please, refer to our Discord.


stats data is based on **current** minted items. not on total collection. updated 13-09 22:47 UTC

Check your Castles

Here you can see owned Castle Ids. Maybe you minted them, maybe you were airdropped ;)